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Non Woven Carpets

  • Plane Non-woven Carpets

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    Plane Non-woven Carpets

    Plane non-woven carpets can be divided into two-tone jacquard carpets, monochrome jacquard carpets, velvet carpets, monochrome brushed carpets, striped carpets, plain weave carpets, and covered carpets. Material: Polyester or polypropylene short fiber. Width: 1m-4m or as your...Read More

  • Non Woven Floor Carpet

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    Non Woven Floor Carpet

    Shandong Jiuxing Nonwovens Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ribbed carpets, outdoor and hall carpets, and carpets, providing jacquard carpets, non-woven plain weave carpets of different colors, exhibition carpets (for weddings, outdoor, stairs), etc. .Read More

  • Single Stripe Rug

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    Single Stripe Rug

    Description: This single striped rug is 100% nylon-based materials, mainly jacquard style. Use flexible custom printed carpet design. Mainly used in bedroom, living room and other family occasions and hotels, banquet halls, meeting rooms and other public places. Detail:...Read More

  • Grey Non Woven Carpets

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    Grey Non Woven Carpets

    Description: This gray non-woven rug is based on 100% polypropylene braided tubes and gray non-woven carpets for any indoor or outdoor use. Detali: Dimensions: 180x90cm / 6x3ft, 180x270cm / 6x9ft, 150x210cm / 5x7 feet, 270x360 cm / 9x12 feet or any desired size Color: 1-4C...Read More

  • Impregnated Non-woven Carpets

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    Impregnated Non-woven Carpets

    Product description: The width of the impregnated non-woven fabric is fixed and the height is cut as required .The higher the weight of the Impregnated non-woven carpet , the worse the light transmittance, the better the tensile force, and the thicker the fabric, the better...Read More

  • Household Non Woven Carpet

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    Household Non Woven Carpet

    Product description: Household non woven carpet on the back of the mechanism can clearly see that each button, and carpet are invisible to prepare the buckle mechanism.Household non woven carpet pattern relative mechanisms carpet is more complex, but because of the handmade...Read More

  • Low Pile Carpet

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    Low Pile Carpet

    Product description: Low pile carpet is the best choice for a restaurant because there may be something in the restaurant, you can easily move the chair with low pile carpet. Product details: Material: non-woven fabric Purpose: the restaurant Thickness: in kind prevail...Read More

  • Car Interior Carpets

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    Car Interior Carpets

    Product introduction Car interior carpet is given priority to with wool woven material.Wool woven carpet with a soft, elastic, bright color and quality of a material is solid, antistatic performance is good, not easy fade, etc. Decorate in household in, many people will...Read More

  • Crafting Rugs Of The Highest Quality With Unmatched Style

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    Crafting Rugs Of The Highest Quality With Unmatched Style

    With a texture of the carpet to the new height of the luxurious and comfortable invitation to the California rugged carpet set. Almost no need to change the 2-inch pile height by the polypropylene yarn, easy to repair. The transition style makes it suitable for decorating...Read More

  • Cashmere Knitted Leisure Carpet

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    Cashmere Knitted Leisure Carpet

    About the product : SUPER SOFT FEELING: The thick resilient sponge material, makes the rug extremely soft. You really need to feel the softness and fluffiness under your barefeet. This is absolutely a multifunctional rug. put them in living room/bedroom to sit, nursery for...Read More

  • Nonwoven Machine Made Stripe Polyester Exhibition Carpet

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    Nonwoven Machine Made Stripe Polyester Exhibition Carpet

    Q:Product features A:1)It always used in home, exhibition trade fair, hotel, meeting room, bedroom and apartment or other public place. 2)Suitable for exhibitions, weddings, corridors, celebrations and indoor or outdoor decoration, floor covering. The exhibition carpet is a...Read More

  • Flat Carpet Manufacturer

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    Flat Carpet Manufacturer

    Shandong carpet manufacturers tell you the cause of carpet classification is its material, because of different materials, all kinds of different leads to it, it can be roughly classified into 7 categories, we will tell which of the 7 kinds of people:Read More

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