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Non Woven Carpets

  • Wedding Celebration Colored Carpet

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    Wedding Celebration Colored Carpet

    Use: wedding, celebration, church, exhibition, opening ceremony, stairs living room entrance bedroom and other placesRead More

  • Acupuncture Exhibition Carpet

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    Acupuncture Exhibition Carpet

    The exhibition carpet is also called a needle-punched non-woven carpet. It is made of synthetic fibers made by a needle punching process, and then made of rubber invasion work with a certain degree of hardness of carpeted pavement roll. Until now, the custom of laying carpets...Read More

  • Pit Pattern Carpet

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    Pit Pattern Carpet

    Rugs, also known as lichens, are woven on the ground. China’s carpets have a long history. More than 2,000 years ago, Xinjiang in western China produced carpets and could woven various patterns. Later, the process of weaving carpets was introduced into the Central Plains...Read More

  • Three Stripes Rug

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    Three Stripes Rug

    [Splinter Carpet Installation Guide] Paving surface preparation: The carpet must be laid on a properly treated floor. All cracks, holes, and irregular floors must be adequately corrected to ensure voucher and smooth appearance to prevent accelerated wear. The floor should be...Read More

  • Double Stripe Non Woven Carpet

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    Double Stripe Non Woven Carpet

    Non-woven double stripe carpet is very good management, do not need to wash often, usually have dust or something as long as the broom with a little force on the floor mat above the sweep is very clean, can absorb water, can slip, beautiful, whether it is home, Hotels,...Read More

  • Double Striped Carpet

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    Double Striped Carpet

    How to buy a carpet 1.check the carpet quality inspection report In the production and processing of carpets, the used latex and various compounding agents will retain harmful substances, such as: formaldehyde, styrene, etc., will bring certain pollution to the interior...Read More

  • Non Woven Carpet Fabric

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    Non Woven Carpet Fabric

    Product description Non-woven fabrics are composed of oriented or random fibers, which are called fabrics because they have similar appearance and certain properties. production line: Inhalation material - High temperature melting - Spinning - High temperature hot rolling -...Read More

  • Plane Non-woven Carpets

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    Plane Non-woven Carpets

    Plane non-woven carpets can be divided into two-tone jacquard carpets, monochrome jacquard carpets, velvet carpets, monochrome brushed carpets, striped carpets, plain weave carpets, and covered carpets. Material: Polyester or polypropylene short fiber. Width: 1m-4m or as your...Read More

  • Non Woven Floor Carpet

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    Non Woven Floor Carpet

    Shandong Jiuxing Nonwovens Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ribbed carpets, outdoor and hall carpets, and carpets, providing jacquard carpets, non-woven plain weave carpets of different colors, exhibition carpets (for weddings, outdoor, stairs), etc. .Read More

  • Single Stripe Rug

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    Single Stripe Rug

    Description: This single striped rug is 100% nylon-based materials, mainly jacquard style. Use flexible custom printed carpet design. Mainly used in bedroom, living room and other family occasions and hotels, banquet halls, meeting rooms and other public places. Detail:...Read More

  • Grey Non Woven Carpets

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    Grey Non Woven Carpets

    Description: This gray non-woven rug is based on 100% polypropylene braided tubes and gray non-woven carpets for any indoor or outdoor use. Detali: Dimensions: 180x90cm / 6x3ft, 180x270cm / 6x9ft, 150x210cm / 5x7 feet, 270x360 cm / 9x12 feet or any desired size Color: 1-4C...Read More

  • Impregnated Non-woven Carpets

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    Impregnated Non-woven Carpets

    Product description: The width of the impregnated non-woven fabric is fixed and the height is cut as required .The higher the weight of the Impregnated non-woven carpet , the worse the light transmittance, the better the tensile force, and the thicker the fabric, the better...Read More

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