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Why Non-woven Carpets Life Is Not Uniform?
Sep 26, 2017

Non-woven carpets can be said to use more of a, but its life is the problem we have been tangled, because some antique carpets have gone through a hundred years, but still still as new, some time Very short on the retirement of it? Of course, this also has a great relationship with the climate, the ancient climate and the present climate is completely different. But now if the carpet is used or the preservation method is unreasonable and will easily destroy the carpet. So we have to buy the carpet at the same time must learn to carpet maintenance, especially antiques carpet should pay more attention. Here to tell you about the points worth noting:

First: some are cheap to find a professional carpet company to clean.

Second: do not attach importance to the daily maintenance of the carpet, can not do every day thoroughly dust, so that dust precipitation accumulation, so a long time is not easy to clean.

Third: the Non Woven Carpets is a wool textile, and after the road cut cashmere process, the use of a new carpet when a small amount of floating hair and cut the hair appeared to be normal. So the new carpet to adhere to the second day of the vacuum, sooner or later each time, a month after the phenomenon of floating hair can be eliminated.

Fourth: the family commonly used chemicals accidentally stained carpets, such as bleach, insecticidal water, strong detergents and skin care products, resulting in the carpet fade, difficult to repair.

Fifth: After the carpet cleaning to accelerate the dry, with direct sunlight will also cause the carpet to fade.

Carpet it also belongs to a kind of art, is used to decorate a kind, if the long time with their Non Woven Carpets, as long as careful, pay attention to the above points can be, very simple.

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