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When You Buy A Jacquard Carpet, It Is Kingly
Jul 11, 2017

Many customers in the purchase of the Jacquard Carpet is often partial to the favorite impulse and ignore the choice of the Jacquard Carpet is easy to commit some errors, often at the time of purchase when happy, buy back after the discovery is not very suitable for their own needs, Reputation good Guangzhou Jacquard Carpet today for everyone to list a few in the purchase of the Jacquard Carpet is easy to ignore a few errors, to remind you to show.

Misunderstanding 1: ignore the safety, the most important beauty

Consumers buy Jacquard Carpets, often pay attention to the beautiful Jacquard Carpet and ignore the safety of the Jacquard Carpet. In fact, some pure wool Jacquard Carpets are easy to breed parasites and other parasites, increase the risk of children suffering from respiratory diseases, and chemical fiber Jacquard Carpet will cause some children's allergic reactions. And some Jacquard Carpets are prone to static and flammable. So be careful before buying.

Suggestions: Now the Jacquard Carpet texture on the market is more common with pure wool, chemical fiber and cotton. Three kinds of texture, not an absolute standard to say which one is the best, which one is the worst. They have their own strengths, the environment is not the same. So it is that sentence, choose which texture, look at where used. Only the most suitable, is the best.

Misunderstanding 2: easy to dirty fabric do not choose

Jacquard Carpet can make the home to add noble and elegant temperament, are generally more beautiful, so many people do not like to see such a beautiful Jacquard Carpet dirty so generally do not choose easy dirty fabric. Some relatively high-grade Jacquard Carpet will be more easily dirty, but as long as the selected place to place, the problem will not be great.

Suggestions: the Jacquard Carpet on the bedroom usually requires more comfortable and beautiful, this time for the placement of some high-end Jacquard Carpet, and placed in the bedroom is not easy to dirty, so easy dirty fabric is also possible.

Misunderstanding 3: only suede was grade

The surface of the Jacquard Carpet with a villa looks more beautiful, so many consumers feel that suede appears to have a grade, in order to make their own home look noble and elegant. But ignored, not all places are suitable for suede the Jacquard Carpet, in many people, often stepped on and easy to dirty place suede Jacquard Carpet with a long time will become dirty and difficult to clean.

Recommendation: According to the different environment and the role of the Jacquard Carpet, choose a reasonable Jacquard Carpet, not only suede Jacquard Carpet show grade, as long as the use of good, even if the general chemical fiber Jacquard Carpet will appear very grade.

Misunderstanding 4: Jacquard Carpet easy to cause allergies

People think that the Jacquard Carpet because there are many plush so easily lead to allergies. In fact, this is not the case, as long as we handle well, the Jacquard Carpet will not only lead to allergies, but can prevent allergies.

Recommendation: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the Jacquard Carpet, the Jacquard Carpet can be dust, including mite excrement, including allergens, including clean. So the Jacquard Carpet as long as clean up properly, not only will not cause allergies, but have to clean the air.

In addition, it is recommended that you buy the Jacquard Carpet, the first want to know what they need is what kind of Jacquard Carpet and then go to their own needs to be selected, you can better avoid these errors.

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