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What's The Difference Between A Wool Carpet And A Nylon Carpet
Nov 01, 2018

What's the difference between a wool carpet and a nylon carpet


    The feeling of wool carpet is downy, bouncy good, colour and lustre is bright-coloured and quality of a material is thick, antistatic performance is good, not ageing fade easily, and have better sound absorption ability, can reduce all sorts of noise, but its insect-proof sex, fight bacterium sex and moistureproof are inferior. Generally as a high-end hotel VIP reception room carpet, conference room carpet, clubhouse carpet and so on.


Nylon printing carpet in the aesthetic value, decorative effect, wear - resistant performance, and good resilience after pressure. Its quality is particularly reflected in that it can not only maintain the inherent appearance of the fiber for a long time, but also has excellent anti-pollution and dustproof performance. As a high-end hotel corridor carpet, room carpet and other hotel carpet.

Compared with wool carpet, nylon carpet has the following advantages.QQ截图20181101141145

The nylon carpet has better elasticity than wool carpet after heat setting treatment.

   With continuous improvement of anti-fouling technology, the company can prevent all kinds of stains from permeating into nylon fiber, making nylon fiber carpet easier to clean.

  Smart keeps the color of nylon carpet bright and fresh while preventing stains from penetrating nylon fibers.

Even in the case of frequent use, nylon carpet still has good wear resistance and lodging resistance.

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