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What Is The Role Of The Exhibition Carpet?
Jun 20, 2017

With the development of the economy, more and more exhibitions in various industries, at the same time, more and more exhibition carpet was used in the exhibition. So how to choose a low cost and appropriate such products? Then we look at the details:

Exhibition carpet selection Carpet, should pay attention to two principles:

1. Thick choice: small and medium-sized exhibition, exhibition within 3 days, for its less flow of people recommended the use of thin ordinary carpet, the weight of 200g / square meters; large-scale exhibition, a large flow of people, , The proposed use of 300g / square meters of products; large-scale exhibition, a lot of people flow, extension 15 days, the proposed use of 500 / square meters of products.

2. Product selection: products are divided into single-sided glue and double-sided glue two kinds of technology. Choose thicker products, it is recommended to use double-sided glue technology, so that the product can be better to achieve the process can not afford the ball, the quality of hair loss requirements.

What is the role of the exhibition carpet:

1 aesthetic point of view: landscaping, decorative environment: because the color of the exhibition blanket indoor carpet, can give people a good mood, people in the room are comfortable, relaxed feeling.

2 easy to install and laying: suitable for home and other products with the match, play a monotonous, you can often update the indoor environment style, and easy to replace.

3 sound and sound insulation: exhibition blankets and other flooring materials compared with a more sound sound insulation effect.

4 warm: people step on the hard ground with a layer of cold feeling especially in the winter is more significant.

5 security: walking in the exhibition blanket, not easy to slip down, even if the fall is not easy to hurt.

6 clean indoor air: the dust and bacteria in the air will be adsorbed by the carpet, thereby reducing the flow of dust A bacteria, play a clean indoor air, improve the effectiveness of indoor air quality.

The role of the exhibition carpet is getting bigger and bigger!

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