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What Is A Non Woven Carpets?
May 25, 2017

Non Woven Carpets: As the name suggests is a need to weave the carpet, making simple, more suitable for mass production, low prices, is the popularity of carpet. Nonwovens mainly have tufted carpets, crochet carpets and carpet acupuncture carpets. Non Woven Carpets are the wool with sewing, crochet, acupuncture and other methods will be planted in the pre-woven cloth on the cloth, and then made of raw rubber plush fixed.

Non Woven Carpets elastic good, dirty, not afraid to step on, do not fade, no deformation. In particular, it has the ability to dust, when the dust fell on the carpet, it is no longer flying, so it can clean indoor air, beautify the indoor environment. The carpet has a soft texture, comfortable feet, the use of safe features.

Carpets are divided into chemical fiber carpets, wool carpets, hemp carpet and other varieties; although the carpet has different materials and styles, but have a good sound absorption, noise, moisture effect. After the home of the residential building carpet, you can reduce the noise downstairs downstairs. Carpet and cold, the role of heat, especially for rheumatoid patients living room. Wool carpets are top grade in the carpet, known as the "queen" of interior art.

Non Woven Carpets The structure of the carpet is mainly made of animal hair, plant hemp, synthetic fiber as raw material, after weaving, cutting and other processing process to create a high-grade ground decoration materials. Carpet is mainly pure wool and chemical fiber two categories: wool carpet is divided into two kinds of hand-woven and woven The former is the use of traditional handmade craft production of pure wool carpet products, which is developed in modern use of the machine production of pure wool carpet products.

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