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The Use Of Flame Retardant Carpet Is Very Good
Jun 20, 2017

Each family for the emphasis on housing decoration are to see, but talking about the carpet, then we are not very strange, but the use of the carpet seems to be not concerned about. General carpet flammability is very high, in the home decoration are to avoid the fire source. However, the Flame Retardant Carpet has a flame retardant effect, not only has a decorative effect, sound insulation is also very good in the housing renovation can avoid a lot of defects in the carpet, then, the price of Flame Retardant Carpet is what, what is the flame retardant carpet?

Flame retardant carpet due to different fineness and brand, the price is different, generally: 45-200 yuan / square meter.

1, flat Flame Retardant Carpet Price: 45 yuan / square meter

2, B1 fire fire retardant carpet price: 129 yuan / square meter

3, New Zealand wool nylon flame retardant wear-resistant gray bedroom guest hall arbitrary award-made Flame Retardant Carpet Price: 85 yuan / square meter

4, carpet bedroom carpet carpet carpet carpet Price: 53 yuan / square meter

What is Flame Retardant Carpet?

1, Flame Retardant Carpet is the name of the carpet with fire protection, we all know that the use of fire prevention materials is now more and more, we are all for security needs. The so-called Flame Retardant Carpet is a flame-retardant fiber through the acupuncture process made of blanket Pi, and then made after the invasion of plastic with a certain degree of hardness of the blanket pavement, Flame Retardant Carpet is a short fiber through different equipment and process layout Into a reticulate, after acupuncture and other processes so that different fibers intertwined with each other, tangled to the fabric of the normalization, so that the fabric is soft, plump, thick, stiff, in order to achieve different thickness to meet the requirements. Acupuncture forming the fabric and then through the back of the plastic, drying stereotypes, trimming, into the volume packaging.

2, according to the pattern points: Flame retardant carpet there are many, there are flat, striped, covered, brushed material and Flame Retardant Carpet and so on.

3, nylon printing works, commercial carpet series, in the international market has been popular for many years, because the carpet delivery is short, rich and varied patterns, durable quality and personalized flower totem reflected by many domestic star hotels, guesthouses (The carpet is mostly laid in the rooms and public areas).

4, the general specifications of Flame Retardant Carpet, the length of 30-50 meters, width: 1-4 meters. The color of the fiber of the Flame Retardant Carpet determines its fineness. Synthetic fiber carpet wear, it has a vacuum, sound absorption, insulation, light weight, anti-insects, anti-static and other functions, with the process of continuous improvement and progress, the new chemical fiber carpet also has fire, flame retardant, anti-static Performance, and price, so quality and cheap chemical fiber carpet by many family consumers welcome.

The above is the "Flame Retardant Carpet price is how much, what is the Flame Retardant Carpet," the specific introduction. The use of Flame Retardant Carpet is very good decoration of our living space, but also to the home life to bring a lot of convenience, anti-skid effect is very good, reducing a lot of home life in the small trouble.

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