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The Type Of Exhibition Carpet
May 25, 2017

More and more domestic and foreign exhibitions, according to the different types of exhibitions and exhibitions of different requirements, the use of the type of carpet is not the same. Simple to come to the exhibition carpet on the type of the following categories:

1. Flat carpet, low price, the most used and the most extensive

2. Flat coated carpet, the price is relatively high, mainly for the construction of easy dirty areas

3. Striped carpets, the main foreign trade show is relatively more

4. Pull the carpet, the price is relatively high, mainly used in relatively high-end exhibition

Understand the type of exhibition carpet and use, I believe at the show you will spend less money to achieve their most desired results.

Exhibition carpet generally use woven cloth packaging, for the volume of packaging products, the company has the spot, can also be produced according to customer orders, the general delivery time within 3 days. I have three non-woven equipment companies to ensure delivery time to ensure product quality and reasonable price Fang Daxin old customers to order! The company has a number of perennial cooperation of the cargo terminal, both in terms of freight to reduce the cost of customers, but also to ensure that the product in the transport process of security, so that customers buy assured!

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