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The Main Varieties Of Woven Jacquard Carpet
Jul 01, 2017

To the textile jacquard device machinery production similar to the handmade carpet carpet latitude and longitude weaving carpet. Also known as textile carpets, is the main varieties of the mechanism of the carpet.

The main processes of weaving jacquard carpet are: ① materials and process preparation, including the need for a variety of fiber yarn yarn, design patterns, drawing jacquard artisan map (according to the pattern, combined with fabric organization, the flower-shaped zoom In a certain size of the grid paper on the map), as well as finishing latitude and longitude bobbins, arranged in the plow yarn frame. ② weaving jacquard carpet, in a special jacquard loom on the formation of latitude and longitude latitude and weaving between the latitude and longitude line between the latitude and longitude. The velvet yarn is based on the procedures of the jacquard artisan chart, jacquard jacquard in turn, forming a pattern. ③ finishing process, including cut cashmere blanket, steam finishing suede, paste linen backing. Such as weaving imitation handmade carpets woven jacquard carpet, but also must be cut into pieces, with blanket edge, seam blanket and so on.

The main varieties of woven jacquard carpet are: ① Eckermanite carpet, is the eight color jacquard carpet; its pattern is meticulous, complex colors. ② Wilton Carpet, is a five-color jacquard velvet carpet. Its organizational structure as the principle of brocade, pattern of color yarn buried in the carpet base, not higher than the blanket surface, high production efficiency. ③ Brussels carpet, five colors of jacquard lapel carpet. In addition, velvet blanket also belongs to woven jacquard carpet.

In the mechanism of carpet, woven jacquard carpet by the printing mechanism of tufted carpet competition, is gradually to the direction of high-grade development. Products and more pure wool or blended wool for the cashmere raw materials, weaving fine imitation handmade carpet carpet. For the interior of the woven jacquard carpet is used with a variety of functional chemical fiber for the cashmere material, together with a beautiful pattern, and with linen or rubber as a backing. Since the 80s, double-layer Wilton carpet loom universal, improve the production efficiency, in the design of the imitation of the Persian carpet pattern and the Chinese-style carpet pattern, to be successful.

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