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The Development Prospect Of Chinese Mechanism Jacquard Carpet Industry
Jul 21, 2017

Jacquard carpet in the use of engineering, with many hard paving materials can not match the advantages. Has a good absorption, reduce the noise performance, in addition to the interior can provide beautiful decorative effect, the better for users to provide a harmonious, quiet is the living space; with the characteristics of walking safety, able to provide safe for the elderly and children Living space; with the suit air in the dust, the role of air purification. The wool jacquard carpet also has the role of regulating the relative humidity of the indoor environment. In addition jacquard carpet also has a relatively low maintenance costs.

The whole mechanism of jacquard carpet production and processing are carried out under the conditions of the green, so the use of jacquard carpet will not produce any volatile gas, in an advantage is that some hard paving materials can not be compared of. At present, countries have launched a jacquard carpet green logo, China for jacquard carpet poison gas release standards, is the reference to the standards of Europe and the United States, reached the international advanced level.

China's rapid and healthy development of the economy in the form of China, China has increasingly become the center of the development of the world manager, the Chinese mechanism jacquard carpet industry this year has been maintained to tell the development of the momentum, conform to this form of development. 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, will also be China's mechanism of jacquard carpet industry to bring more opportunities for development.

From the jacquard carpet industry development point of view, as a long history of interior decoration materials, jacquard carpet in the past are royal family to enjoy the luxury. With the development of mechanism jacquard carpet technology, especially in the past ten years the introduction of electronic technology, like jacquard carpet in the world are being widely used. According to the European and American jacquard carpet association statistics, Europe and the United States fiber paving materials accounted for about 70% of the total floor space consumption of materials, other hard floor materials such as ceramics, wood, plastic and composite materials only the total consumption About 30%. Although the United States and Belgium are still the world's two major mechanisms of jacquard carpet producing countries, but can predict that the Chinese mechanism jacquard carpet industry in the near future, will become the world's jacquard carpet production and manufacturing center; the same time, domestic jacquard carpet consumption The market has a broad space for development, especially the home textile market. Compared with the mature jacquard carpet market in Europe and America, the domestic market is in the stage of cultivation and development. How to further cultivate and grow this market for the jacquard carpet industry to provide a favorable development environment, the industry is facing challenges.

Jacquard carpet in addition to the traditional basic functions, the performance of the decorative performance is more and more obvious, consumers can match the pattern and color, jacquard carpet and other interior design to achieve seamless artistic effect.

China has a long history of culture, we are fully able to our nation's culture and art into our products. With the younger generation of our consumption of this comfortable environment for the urgent pursuit of jacquard carpet into the home market will have a wide range of space, jacquard carpet industry will also have a beautiful future.

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