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The Atmosphere Of The Striped Carpets
Jul 11, 2017

Striped Carpets were popular and flexible in 2013. Their simplicity and classical beauty. But there are more than one way, it can make a Striped Carpets in a room looks beautiful. We have put the whole series of examples and techniques, each category has some special things to teach you.

Match room palette.

One of the ways to strip the carpet looks beautiful in a room is to choose a room with the same color as the rest of the room. In this way, it will be easy to integrate and pattern, and will not even stand out. It does not necessarily have all the colors in the room, but only the main or similar tones. You can also match some style pieces in the room.

Eye-catching colors.

If you do not want to integrate but stand on the carpet in the room, then you should choose vivid and bold colors. They can also be contrast with the rest of the room's color. For example, if the room is decorated in warm colors, the carpet can be a combination of cool colors. If it is decorated with a neutral country, then you can choose to be full of vitality with vibrant colors of the carpet.

The feeling of the Mediterranean.

If you want to create a Mediterranean-style decor in the room, then the striped carpets is very helpful. Note that you choose the color. On the carpet case, a very nice and very suitable combination is white and blue. It reflects the essence of elegance and Mediterranean interior. You can also match in the room with other accessories to create a peaceful and harmonious decoration.

Carpet stairs.

Often, stairs are a very important element in any family. So if you have a sure that you allow it to stand out. With a striped carpets, you can easily do this. Vertical lines are more suitable than horizontal stairs. The colors you choose may vary. For example, a wooden staircase can be equipped with carpet, with warm colors, simple colors, but if the wood has a bright finish, then the bright colors can look better.

Brown tones of the carpet.

Brown tones

Brown is a beautiful color, even if it is not prominent, much more. It is a simple shadows, similar colors, such as beige, for example when combined, the result is a very nice look. You can use the shades of brown Striped Carpets if you want the room feel more appealing, also warm and comfortable. In addition, such a carpet will give the room an elegant feeling.

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