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Teach You To Show The Role And Use Of Use Of Carpets
Jul 01, 2017

Exhibition carpet, which is made of synthetic fibers by acupuncture or weaving. Finished cloth for the cloth, the general width of 1-4 meters, the length of 10-60 meters. Is the staple fiber through different equipment and craft laid in a network, after acupuncture and other processes so that different fibers intertwined with each other, tangled to the fabric of the normalization, so that the fabric is soft, plump, thick, stiff, to achieve Different thickness to meet the requirements. Acupuncture forming the fabric and then through the back of the plastic, drying stereotypes, trimming, into the volume packaging.

Two: exhibition carpet effect:

1, aesthetic point of view: landscaping, decorative environment: the color of the carpet due to different interior carpet, can give people a good mood, people in the room are comfortable, relaxed feeling.

2, easy to install and install: suitable for home and other products with the match, play a monotonous, you can often update the style of the indoor environment, and easy to replace.

3, sound and sound insulation: carpet and other flooring materials compared with a more sound sound insulation effect.

4, warm: people step on the hard ground with a layer of cold feeling especially in the winter is more significant.

5, safe: walking on the carpet, not easy to slip down, even if the fall is not easy to hurt.

6, clean indoor air: the dust and bacteria in the air will be adsorbed by the carpet, thereby reducing the flow of dust A bacteria, play a clean indoor air, improve the effectiveness of indoor air quality.

The use of exhibition carpet: exhibitions, exhibition halls, ceremonial ceremonies, opening ceremony, performing arts and other public places.

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