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Stitching Printed Striped Carpets Tips
Oct 12, 2017

Printed Striped Carpets production practice: the same dye recipe modulation twice, can not tune the exact consistency of the color paste; the same tank color paste production twice, can not produce exactly the same color; additional orders, can not guarantee and multi-batch color exactly the same The

Printed Striped Carpets pavement construction, the individual sales department encountered: the same batch of Striped Carpets produced in the same color in the normal direction of local splicing, the seams found in the color is not the same, the individual serious and even affected the site acceptance. What reason? How to avoid it? Here to give you a simple explanation of the reasons:

First, the printing of Striped Carpets production equipment, although there are a variety of automatic control system, but the huge equipment operation, the indicators of the parameters there is a certain range of slow cycle fluctuations, such as temperature, humidity, pneumatic jet pressure, color paste viscosity, acid Values and other parameters, these parameters will directly affect the impact of color consistency.

Second, the printed Striped Carpets pattern after thousands of square meters, the production preparation section, the need to adjust the pigment two barrels, cans even more times, the production of printing time needs more than 8 hours or more, but sooner or later the temperature difference, Chemical reaction and with the production time of the reaction (the color of the moment are in the occurrence of subtle chemical reaction), will make the slow changes in pigment changes, reflected on the finished product, will cause the first 100 square meters and the last 100 square meters of color is slightly inconsistent, the first One hour and the last hour a little inconsistent, the larger the list, the longer the production time more difficult to avoid.

When the Striped Carpets is paved, try to use the adjacent volume number splicing, the construction of the principle of common sense, the greater the bulk of the more in accordance with the principle of pavement, otherwise it may cause splicing color differences; Secondly, once the random cut pavement, In case of discrepancy, the subsequent adjustment and remediation will be caused by the obstruction because the Striped Carpets that is suitable for splicing has been cut for it.

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