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Quality Identification Of Jacquard Carpet
Jul 21, 2017

Jacquard carpet quality identification, is a more professional knowledge, simple "Wang Wen asked cut" Although the surface can be problems, but the actual quality problems, but also the relevant departments of the test.

To handmade wool, silk jacquard carpet, the raw materials, specifications, the number of road, the quality of technology and consumer interests directly linked. Pure wool, pure silk jacquard carpet is real material, is the wool, silk content is 100%, but also jacquard carpet long, wide, thickness and jacquard carpet weaving the number of tracks are consistent with the logo, jacquard carpet count Directly related to the durability of jacquard carpet. The quality of the process is another important factor in determining the value of hand-jacquard carpets, including whether the use of color is coordinated, whether the cut-off is clearance, whether the brightness is sufficient, and so on. Shear is not good will affect the jacquard carpet pattern coherence, there is no good brightness means that the jacquard carpet weaving the late chemical treatment did not master, which directly affect the handmade pure wool, pure silk jacquard carpet art quality and hedge The

Woven jacquard carpet detection mainly in the following items:

Tufting pull out force

Tufts pull out the failure of the jacquard carpet, prone to hair loss phenomenon, affecting the life of jacquard carpet.

Dynamic load

Jacquard carpet dynamic load failed, indicating jacquard carpet under pressure to restore the ability of the original bad, this jacquard carpet is generally less flexible.

Stripping strong

This indicator mainly refers to the jacquard carpet back cloth, the stripping of the smaller jacquard carpet back fastness is not high, prone to open plastic phenomenon.

Color fastness

Color fastness is not ideal jacquard carpet prone to fade phenomenon

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