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Plastic Carpet Compared To The Traditional Five Major Advantages Of Carpet
Oct 27, 2017

Plastic carpet, also known as plastic flooring, is a rise in recent years, between a carpet and the floor between the new ground laying, it has many advantages, let us one by one to analyze:

In the past, people used the traditional carpet, since the birth of the plastic carpet, it quickly replaced the traditional carpet with a variety of advantages. Survey statistics show that the use of plastic carpets show a rapid increase in the trend. What are the advantages of plastic carpets compared to traditional carpets? Analysis of the summary, the advantages of plastic flooring mainly in the following areas:

1, plastic carpet is more durable

Compared with the traditional carpet, plastic carpet life longer. Under normal circumstances, the life of ordinary plastic carpet is the traditional carpet life of more than five times. This is an important factor in the rapid growth of the use of plastic carpets.

2, plastic carpet cleaning and maintenance more convenient

Traditional carpet cleaning and maintenance is the most troublesome problem, with the emergence of cleaning companies, such work can be handed over to the cleaning company to complete. However, the carpet cleaning work is still very difficult. Although people have taken a variety of cleaning techniques, carpet cleaning is still very cumbersome. Plastic carpet is very different, it's cleaning is very simple cleaning. And the cost of plastic carpet maintenance is also very low.

3, the plastic carpet on the ground resistance is smaller

Compared with the traditional carpet, plastic carpet on the ground resistance is much smaller, more conducive to the operation of a wheelbarrow and so on.

Plastic carpet with good flame retardant performance

As the plastic carpet with flame retardant, which greatly reduced the frequency of the risk of occurrence. Coupled with the plastic carpet burning will not produce toxic gases, plastic carpets are more popular than traditional carpets.

5, plastic carpet with a richer color

As the plastic carpet with a variety of pattern combinations, and plastic carpet pattern pattern in the transparent wear-resistant layer below, will not be damaged, the plastic carpet by the people's favorite.

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