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Non-woven Carpet Cleaning Methods
Nov 10, 2017

Non-woven carpet in the choice of time, there are many small things to note, one of which is to wash separately, this is to avoid the string color, then how should we correct it? Specific to understand about it:

Before washing, you should first use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust on both sides of the carpet clean, detergent should use a dedicated carpet detergent. Tiled the carpet on the ground and wet it with water and then brush it softly with a soft brush dipped in detergent. Rinse off with water while brushing, and wash away the dirty water in time to avoid re-contamination or stringing until All the carpet until the brush finished.

Rugs larger water absorption, rinse water consumption should be large, washed several times until the rinse detergent, and then 1% concentration of glacial acetic acid solution or 2% concentration of white vinegar water evenly spray the surface of the carpet, the acid solution Diffusion evenly rinse again with water, with the drum type equipment dewatering, dehydration, the carpet surface up in the scaffolding. When drying, should prevent the dust from falling on the front of the carpet and causing it to bleach due to direct sunlight. Scaffolding span can not be too large, in order to prevent the carpet due to over-large and appear color or deformation.

Most of the non-woven carpet edge spike white, washed easily contaminated with colored water, can be dried with hydrogen peroxide bleach. The operation method is: Use hydrogen peroxide to drip along the vertical direction of the blanket ear. After the blanket is bleached, brush it with water and scrub it with brush to scrub the residual hydrogen peroxide on the blanket to prevent damaging the material.

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