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Napping Carpet
Feb 15, 2017

Non-woven carpet napping carpet is one of a kind, short fiber through different equipment and techniques the way into a network, go through a needle-pull down process of intertwined fibers, normalized tangles with solid fabric, soft, plump, thick, stiff fabrics, in order to meet the requirements of different thickness.

Acupuncture forming on the back of the fabric and then through glue, drying setting, cutting and baling. Napping carpet colors are red, blue, green, yellow, purple, Brown, and a variety of mixed colors. Effect of fiber determines the color of carpet. Compared with the common non-woven carpets, high-grade brushed carpet, stuffed full, soft and elastic. Decorated with carpet places tend to be more gentle in home venues, throughout history, carpet is considered to be the highest, the best ground laying materials, improved living conditions, grade, as improved performance.

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