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Jacquard Carpet
Feb 15, 2017

According to styles, patterns and forms process category, this Department of Beijing city in the later Qing dynasty carpets. Carpet weaving technology in China since the Han dynasty to the Qing dynasty, there are two forms of tufted and woven, above two tufted carpet, this is Jacquard carpet. Tufted rugs hand-woven, silk or wool tie knot in organizational set up and then cut down by the end of the effect, jacquard woven jacquard carpet, is a mechanical type.

Beijing's carpet using three lace frame inside a dark narrow side, a large, decorated with geometric patterns. Neixiaobian for paper, t-lines, and simplify in later Qing dynasty, this figure, only two borders, decorative hook lines, carpet patterns named "Lion drama ball", is the common patterns of the Han nationality is painted in yellow, green and blue motif, 1995 auction valued at £ 3500-4000.

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