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Introduction Of Flame Retardant Carpet
Jun 20, 2017

At present, the market on the price of Flame Retardant Carpet has been uncertain, because the production of many manufacturers of Flame Retardant Carpet, and its different types of different prices are different, at present, according to the major building materials market price, The price of the carpet is divided into 20-50,50-100,100-300 yuan / m three stalls, of course, the specific price because of the consumption and the reasons for the climate, the price is relatively speaking, there is a certain difference, The specific price of consumers can go to the local shopping malls for a consultation. In the purchase of Flame Retardant Carpet, we need to pay attention to their actual need to fire the size of the carpet and the required color, shape to make specific requirements, so as not to buy the Flame Retardant Carpet in the overall style of furniture does not meet, resulting in Only material waste.

Prepare before construction

Material preparation: Flame Retardant Carpet, adhesive, linen, carpet seam tape, carpet wood card, antimony strip edge, and then add a series of construction tools.


1. clean up the grassroots: grass-roots to keep clean and tidy, while maintaining the grassroots without any bump phenomenon.

2. Cut the carpet: according to the length of the room and the shape of the cut. If there is a texture of the carpet, it is important to note that the texture of the flame retardant carpet is consistent.

3. Stored in the bar

The use of wooden card fixed carpet, at the door should be to prevent the aluminum alloy bar or antimony strip edge.

4. Seal processing

Flame Retardant Carpet are generally the back of the joints, then take the seam and then turn the carpet over, and then brush white plastic, and then paste the leather tape. And then through the trimming, the carpet edge repair complete.

5. Shop the process

The carpet with a tensioner song open, and then use the card or aluminum alloy bar fixed.

After construction

6. clean up, trim.

Flame retardant carpet maintenance

1. Long-term wet place is not suitable for paving carpet.

2. If the carpet is not used for a long time, you can roll up the carpet hair in order to better save.

3. Clean up the stains and dust on the carpet in a timely manner.

4. Carpet use process, usually every 6-10 months to clean the carpet once.

5. In the course of the use of cigarettes, if the customer should pay attention, do not put the cigarette butt directly on the carpet, so as not to pollute the carpet and cause damage to the carpet.

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