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Introduce Some Knowledge About Jacquard Carpet
Jun 08, 2017

Today, in many places will use the carpet, carpeted at home will not only improve the comfort of our lives, but also can play a very good decorative effect, and now, the type of carpet is very much, jacquard carpet is more Welcome, today Xiaobian to introduce some of the knowledge and jacquard carpets, so that everyone on the jacquard carpet have more understanding and understanding.

Jacquard Carpet - Classification of Jacquard Carpet

Jacquard carpet materials: polyester staple fiber and polypropylene staple fiber. Yellow, purple, brown, black, smoke gray, light gray, white, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue In the gray, camel, camel white, brown and a variety of mixed colors. The color of the fiber determines the color effect of the jacquard carpet. Jacquard carpet varieties: plane, stripes, film, pull cashmere, flame retardant and so on. Jacquard carpet dipping points: single-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive.

Jacquard carpet - jacquard carpet process

Jacquard carpet is a short fiber through different equipment and process shop arranged in a network, after acupuncture and other processes so that different fibers intertwined with each other, tangled to the fabric of the normalization, so that the fabric soft, plump, thick, stiff, To achieve a different thickness to meet the requirements. Acupuncture forming fabric and then through the back of the plastic, drying stereotypes, trimming, into the volume of packaging. Jacquard carpet quality requirements can not afford the ball, not hair loss, flatness is good, good hardness.

Jacquard carpet - Jacquard carpet maintenance

During the life of the jacquard carpet, the maintenance of the jacquard carpet actually intermittently occurred in four related procedures. Check and prevent the most frequent work is to check the jacquard carpet and keep checking. To check the jacquard carpet on whether there is water pollution, stains, if handled early, it is easy to remove. Choose the better quality jacquard carpet, because the high quality jacquard carpet are generally in the production process through a special processing, can provide anti-fouling, dust and wear-resistant guarantee. Access to frequent areas of the most vulnerable to pollution, and stains will spread with the pace of the rest of the room, so should be imported in the entrance to a small jacquard carpet, wipe the dust, can reduce dust accumulation and spread. Jacquard carpet and chemical contact, may produce chemical stains or discoloration, so to avoid jacquard carpet contaminated general household commonly used chemicals such as bleach, insecticidal water, strong detergents and skin care products, in addition, jacquard carpet Can not be long-term direct exposure to sunlight, otherwise there will be faded situation. The jacquard carpet needs to be so often dusted because the dust accumulates in the jacquard carpet and wears the fiber and makes the color of the jacquard carpet darker. In the hall, corridor and frequent walks, two to three times a week , The bedroom should also be at least once a week. Vacuum cleaner selection and vacuuming methods will also affect the cleaning effect, equipped with a rotating dust cleaner brush, can be more effective to absorb the dust inside the jacquard carpet.

Jacquard carpet work is very delicate, styles and types are more and more, by a lot of people love, we choose jacquard carpet, you can choose their favorite style, so that can play a very good decorative effect , Usually, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the jacquard carpet, so as to make jacquard carpet for a longer time.

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