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How To Make Sure The Exhibition Carpet Is Good Or Bad
Jul 01, 2017

The following teach you how to identify the carpet is good or bad:

First: weaving density: from the Exhibition Carpet layer of fiber density to distinguish the quality of the Exhibition Carpet, the standard is 0.3048 square meters in the Exhibition Carpet the number of warp (commonly known as the number of). The higher the number, the better the quality. General household Exhibition Carpets for the 90 ~ 150 Road, high-grade decoration used in the Exhibition Carpet should be more than 200, or even up to 400, when asked to buy clearly.

Second: electrostatic: with the exhibition carpet surface resistance and static pressure measurement of the Exhibition Carpet charged and discharge conditions, the general and the fiber itself, the conductivity. At present, the production of chemical fiber Exhibition Carpets are treated, the use will not have an impact.

Third: Flammability: Flammability is an important indicator of decorative materials, for chemical fiber Exhibition Carpet, where the burning time within 12 minutes, the burning area of the diameter of 17.96 cm within the flame resistance is qualified. In contrast, polypropylene Exhibition Carpets are less resistant to combustion, and other exhibit blankets are less resistant to flammability. Of course, in addition to resistance to burning, but also pay attention to chemical fiber Exhibition Carpet combustion of harmful gases.

Fourth: wear resistance: Exhibition Carpet under fixed pressure, the wear and tear exposed the number of times required. Exhibition carpet wear resistance and the variety of raw materials, but also with the Exhibition Carpet weaving thickness, the more thick the more wear-resistant, so pay attention to the purchase.

Fifth: resilience: Exhibition Carpet in the dynamic load under the thickness of the loss rate to express that the Exhibition Carpet pressure after a certain period of time, remove the pressure, measuring the blanket before and after the pressure is not bad, The resilience of the layer of fluff, the better the resilience of the thicker the better. After testing, resilience according to this: bucket hair, eye Lun, nylon, polypropylene. Of course, due to different origin, different levels of technology, in particular, there are many modified products, this sort will change, so this is a good or bad to identify a standard.

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