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How Should Non-woven Carpets Go Through The Summer?
Sep 26, 2017

The advantages of non-woven carpets, such as flexible, beautiful, sound-absorbing, etc., but in the summer if the house is also covered with long-haired carpets, feeling a little less fresh, so many people consider the carpet temporarily closed summer , Until the winter into the winter and then let them work out. Although the biggest drawback of the carpet is to take care of some trouble, but as long as the timely cleaning up the dust, proper maintenance, the carpet life is still quite long.

1, decontamination tips

(1) tea, coffee, soy sauce or beer and other dirt: can use carpet cleaning fluid, borax liquid or washing liquid and other cleaning agents, brush with a brush can be removed repeatedly, and then clean with water can be.

(2) tomato sauce, sauces and other sticky material: the use of napkins and the like strong absorption of objects to absorb the stains, in addition to the net, after repeated brush with the brush, wash the water can be.

(3) egg white, milk, ice cream and other lipids: first with warm water and washing liquid wash, and then use a special volatile oil to remove fat. Reminder: Can not use hot water. Because the protein heat easily curing, easy to remove fouling, but also make the carpet deformation.

2, daily maintenance

In use, non-woven carpets should try to avoid a strong direct sunlight, so as not to make the carpet aging fade. In the furniture of the leg contact with the carpet, should be placed cushion or often move the furniture; wear serious parts, in addition to take the cover to be protected, but also exchange position. As the carpet of the surface layer of fiber, easy to accumulate dust, the best way is often with a vacuum cleaner along the direction of hair dust, so you can keep the carpet clean.

Experts recommend that the carpet every week for a vacuum, so that dirt will not be embedded in the pile, because the dirt will play at the bottom of the role, so as to accelerate wear. The current vacuum cleaner is purely suction, beat bar and bristle brush three kinds of vacuum cleaning methods are applicable to the pile of tight carpet; and terry carpet, can only use a suction function of the vacuum cleaner. In addition, the last push when using a vacuum cleaner should follow the direction of the pile.

3, summer collection

In summer, if your home carpet needs to be temporarily stored, be sure to clean the carpet, and then dry in the shade, tap to the dust after the carpet on the release of some insect repellent, reverse hair rolled up, remember not to save trouble In the hard ground beat, causing damage to the carpet latitude and longitude. Finally, with plastic bags sealed, placed in a dry place. In addition, the carpet can not be stored in the open air, otherwise it may make the carpet was pest or sun drying fade and so on.

It is worth noting that, when cleaning, do not use the teeth or rough edges of the tool, this will damage the carpet surface layer of fiber. Such as non-woven carpets are covered with hair, you need to use a clean towel soaked in hot water to wipe, and comb with comb straight, with an iron pad wet cloth smooth hair, can restore the status quo.

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