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Hotel Lobby Striped Carpets With A Trick
Oct 12, 2017

Striped Carpets is the hotel commonly used in the lobby of the items, is cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass and other natural fiber or chemical synthetic fiber raw materials, by hand or mechanical process for knitting, planting or textile made of ground laying, Generally used for the hotel lobby entrance or staircase, used to decorate or improve the indoor air quality. So how should we properly match the hotel carpet, let it with the hotel lobby more perfect combination of it?

1, the Striped Carpets echoes the overall style of the hotel. With the carpet is the most important thing to echo the overall style of decoration, different decorative style of the carpet color, shape and pattern requirements are not the same.

2, indoor color. In general, as long as the existing color of the room, can be used as Striped Carpets color, but still should try to choose the largest indoor use area, the most eye-catching colors, so with the error is not easy, more insurance. If the home decoration style more avant-garde, mix and match the color more, you can also choose a small indoor color or neutral color.

3, the hotel lighting situation. South of the south or the southeast of the housing, lighting area, the best choice of bluish, partial purple and other cool colors of the Striped Carpets, and can be strong and strong light; if it is northwest, lighting is limited, you should use red, Warm colors of the carpet, this will make the original cold housing feel more warm, but also can play to increase the effect of space.

4, hotel furniture style. Here refers to the furniture style, including coffee table and sofa style on the impact of the Striped Carpets with. If the coffee table and the sofa are quite satisfactory shape, you can choose a rectangular carpet; if the sofa has a certain degree of curvature, while the coffee table is round, the Striped Carpets can be considered round; if your home sofa or coffee table style, Made, but the price will be improved

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