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History Of Exhibition Carpets
Feb 15, 2017

Today, the carpet became the general consumer goods times red carpet is the majestic, noble, pursuit and symbol of the romantic. Whether civil activity is one of the important activities are also important ritual items as laying the red carpet in the middle to express a solemn and warm.

Exhibition on the laying carpet custom can be traced back to thousands of years ago. According to historian studies, Greek tragic poet Aeschylus in 485 BC mentioned red carpet, may be laying the red carpet was first recorded in history. In his book, Agamemnon (Commander-in-Chief of the Greek army during the Trojan war) walked the red carpet – only those with "foot of God" who can enjoy this honor. As for Hollywood, the famous "theatre" King of xide·gelaoman who became the first person to eat crabs, when he officially opened the 1922 Egyptian Theatre Hollywood red carpet was laid, the distance that the first Academy Awards for 7 years. Today red carpet is not only a carpet is a representative and become carriers of the dreams and honor.

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