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Exhibition Carpet The Seven Characteristics
Feb 15, 2017

1. aesthetic: landscaping, decorative environment: different due to the carpet, Interior carpet, can give a person a good state of mind, people are put in a room, refreshed and relaxed feeling.

2. installation the laying easier: appropriate to cooperate with household and other products mix, not dull, can frequently update the styles of indoor environment, and easy to replace.

3. sound absorption and sound insulation: compared to the carpet and other flooring materials, have better sound-absorbing insulation effect.

4. insulation: people stepped on the hard ground with a layer of cold, especially in winter is more significant.

5. Security: walk on the carpet, not easy to slip fall, even if the fall is not easy to get hurt.

6. indoor air purification: dust and bacteria in the air will be adsorbed by the carpet, thus reducing the flow of dust, germs, to clean the air, improve indoor air quality effects.

7. throughout history, carpet is considered to be the highest, the best ground laying materials, improved living conditions, grade, as improved performance.

Carpet applications: exhibitions, exhibition, celebration ceremonies, opening ceremonies, performances and other public places.

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