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Exhibition Carpet Maintenance
Feb 15, 2017

During the life of the carpet, carpet maintenance on and off actually occurs in 4-related programs. Detection and prevention of the most frequent job is to check the carpet, to continually check. To check if there is water on the carpet stain, stain, if treated early, it is easy to remove.

Choose the better quality carpets, carpet because of high quality and are generally in the production process after special processing, can provide protection against dirt, dust and abrasion resistance guarantee.

Frequent the areas most vulnerable to pollution, and the stain will spread to other parts of the Interior, so should be imported on porch and placed a small piece of carpet, wipe shoes dust {TodayHot} reduces dust accumulation and dissemination.

Carpet after contact with chemicals, chemical stains may appear or fade, therefore contaminated household chemicals commonly used to avoid carpet, insecticidal water and strong cleaning agents such as bleach, and skin care products, in addition, the carpet too long exposure to direct sunlight, otherwise there will be a faded.

Carpet need vacuuming, dust inside accumulate in carpet, can cause fiber abrasion and carpet colors are grey, walking in the halls, corridors and frequently places, dust should be two to three times a week, the bedroom should also vacuum at least once a week. Vacuum cleaners and cleaning methods will also affect the choice of cleaning effect, equipped with a rotating dust brush vacuum cleaner, you can more effectively sucked clean the dust in the carpet. Slowly pushing the vacuum cleaner when cleaning, cleaning brush should be pushed forward, pulled and pushed forward again. In addition to regular cleaning, but can also be laid to dry the carpet after a period of time, use dry cleaning self clean carpet approximately every two years or so, you should also hire a cleaning service for carpet cleaning to ensure that carpets the Evergreen new.

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