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Exhibition Carpet Classification
Feb 15, 2017

1: the exhibition carpeting material: polyester and polypropylene staple fiber.

2: exhibition carpet colors: red, black, white, blue (sky blue blue blue light blue) blue-grey, green (green, black, green, fruit green), yellow, purple, Brown, black, smoky gray, light gray gray, camel, camel and white, Brown and a variety of mixed colors. Effect of fiber determines the color of carpet.

3: exhibition carpet varieties: Planar, strip, coated, brushed, flame retardant, etc.

4: Jin exhibition carpet adhesives: single-sided adhesive, double sided tape.

4: use of exhibition carpets: fairs, exhibitions, celebrations, ceremonies, wedding

5: exhibition carpet quality requirements are: no Pilling, lint, roughness, hardness.

6: carpet width, length of the exhibition: exhibition carpet can produce 1-4 m, commonly used for the 2 m and 3 m.

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