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Exhibition Carpet Can Also Be Reused
Jul 21, 2017

Show brushed carpet carpet thickness 4.5mm-5mm direct, full specifications, low prices.

Peer the same quality! Third, the color is small, the thickness of stability! The Company in good faith-based, quality first, the first service for the purpose of the contract and keeping promises, and seriously for the majority of customer service! Longitudinal cooperation in the principle of blue, green, yellow, purple, brown and a variety of mixed color supply brushed exhibition carpet manufacturers / flat exhibition carpet manufacturers / film exhibition carpet manufacturers exhibition carpet, it is made of synthetic fiber by acupuncture Or weaving. Finished cloth for the cloth, the general width of 1-4 meters, the length of 10-60 meters.

1: Exhibition of carpet materials: polyester staple fiber and polypropylene staple fiber.

2: the color of the exhibition carpet points: white, red,

3: Exhibition carpet is divided into general exhibition carpet \ film exhibition carpet \ double-sided adhesive carpet \ fire carpet, our products in the acupuncture density, flatness and weight have reached the domestic standard requirements, including plastic exhibition carpet Has been recognized by most customers, which can make the carpet in the special equipment or full of clean as new. Double-sided adhesive products tough and durable.

4: Exhibition carpet varieties: plane, stripes, film, brushed, fire-retardant, and so on.

5: Exhibition of the use of carpets: exhibitions, exhibition halls, celebrations, opening ceremony, wedding, etc.

6: the quality of the exhibition carpet is: can not afford the ball, not hair loss, good flatness, good hardness.

First, the price: as long as your company set up a large number of more concessions! Improve the level of activities; reduce the cost of activities! Second, the quality: We adhere to long-term cooperation, so our blanket quality will not be low

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