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Decoration Fashion Is Not Enough? A Plastic Carpet To Scrape Together
Oct 27, 2017

Plastic carpet is a common item in home life, can play the role of embellishment space. While the geometric pattern of plastic carpet is quite personality, can add to the home is not the same charm.

The large living room became lively under the decoration of a handmade wool plastic carpet. The pattern is chic V-shaped, red and white with a visual impact, the overall visual effects with a dramatic color.

Covered with a brightly colored plastic carpet to make the room become lively, looks a little 3D visual effects, and more importantly, it creates a more soft and comfortable for the child's ground.

In this simple and stylish living room, a beautiful plastic carpet has become the focus of the visual, it consists of a combination of several large triangles, black, white, yellow colors in the living room with every corner of the echo points, Prominent but not abrupt.

If the kitchen is monotonous white, even if you prepare a rich food feast, it may also look bleak. A Aztec-style plastic carpet, made of colorful diamond-shaped combination of patterns, so that the kitchen vivid up.

In the choice of plastic carpet material, you can choose wear-resistant wool material, or durable and easy to clean the polyester material.

If the terrace or attic area is large enough, you can use a brightly colored plastic carpet with a geometric pattern to divide out a casual dining area, very entertaining atmosphere.

The combination of soft colors may sometimes be tedious, especially when there is no element in the room that focuses on the line of sight. This plastic carpet in the white background painted with blue and green intertwined miscellaneous patterns, become a very beautiful visual focus.

The zigzag pattern on the plastic carpet is the most prominent element of the minimalist style living room. A personal glyphs are grouped together like a group of arrows under the index, full of dynamics.

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