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Carpet (name Of Home Decoration Materials)
Feb 15, 2017

Carpets are cotton, linen, wool, silk, yarn, natural fibers such as grass or chemical synthetic fiber raw materials, by manual or mechanical process of knitting, tufted or textile floor application. It is has a long history of traditional arts and crafts around the world categories. Covering the residential, hotel, hotels, conference rooms, entertainment, gymnasium, exhibition hall, vehicles, ships, aircraft, and ground, reducing noise and heat insulation and decorative effect to improve the foot and prevent slipping, preventing air pollution. Use within the residential area for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, sofa bed, coffee table, bathroom.

Carpet is a famous traditional Chinese handicrafts. Carpets, China, has a history of more than 2000 years, famous for handmade carpets, there are written records dating back to more than 3,000 years ago, lanxi, Zhejiang Province in 1966 unearthed a cotton blanket, 2.51 metres wide 1.18 m, plain weave, two plush, smooth and thick. After identification, the material used for the grass fibres. This cotton rug is woven out of the Southern Song dynasty. This is by far the earliest known piece of cotton blanket. Thus, when the carpet weaving process has reached a very high level. At present, Xinjiang carpet and rugs hot new extended step by step process, and improve the quality of the carpet. Their development of 540 and 720 more carpeted, sophisticated technology, with high artistic value. It began in the plateau pastoral area in Northwest China, local ethnic minorities in order to meet the needs of nomadic life, the use of local rich wool yarn, weave a colorful kneeling cushions, tapestries and carpets. Victoria, Mongolian and Tibetan people of all ethnic groups work together to create and interact with States in the Middle East of the Silk Road, gradually formed a remarkable carpet art in ancient China.

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