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Carpet Materials Materials
Feb 15, 2017

Carpets made of high quality pure wool, through selected wool, wool, carding, dyeing, carpet weaving, shearing, washing and other processes and processed. It has good quality, unique skills and characteristics of elegant design, unique in the world, are China's leading export Handicrafts.

Carpet is made of cotton, wool, silk, hemp, coconut or synthetic fibers and other raw ground cover. Including hand tufted carpets, mechanism and hand-made rug. Broadest sense also includes bedding, cushions, wall hangings, tent, shacklebolt, curtain, table cloth, etc. Neolithic people use hair twisting spun into yarn, woven into a thick wool, for floor coverings. Carpet fragments as typical of the Chinese Eastern Han dynasty unearthed from the tomb of hand-knotted rug. After the Han dynasty Silk Road promoted the Central Plains carpet production. Mainly due to the Mongolian nomadic way of life of the people in the Yuan dynasty, so the carpet production is relatively developed, Palace under the carpet workshop. Ming and Qing dynasties, Tibet, Gansu, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other parts of carpet production have been developed, in the process on the basis of the traditional carpet, combining the features of Brocade and embroidery, to create a unique auspicious carpets, and has been handed down. In 20th century, Beijing, Tianjin set up a production of carpets for export businesses, become the focus of Chinese carpet-producing areas. Traditional hand-knotted rug-producing areas of the world concentrated in East Asia, Central Asia, and various countries in Europe and Asia. Since 1720, the UK's first Brussels carpet loom, mechanisms of rugs came into being, development mechanisms carpeting has 99% per cent of total world consumption, hand-made carpets accounted for only 1%. Carpet classification methods, according to the manufacturing process are hand-tufted carpets, hand-woven plain weave carpets and hand-tufted carpets carpets, handmade rug, mechanisms; Kang carpets, tapestries, carpets, according to purpose, prayer blankets; according to the raw material wool carpets, silk rugs, jute rugs, chemical fiber carpets such as.

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