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Feb 15, 2017

Even using the same manufacturing methods to produce carpets, also due to the use of raw materials, pile, pile height, texture, structure and density and other factors, the carpet appearance will produce different effects. Common carpet carpet texture categories are:

1. Plush carpet

Is the most common type of cut pile carpet, pile length 5 ~10MM, emerges a disconnected on the carpet pile, are flat and uniform.

2. Velour floor mats

Pile length 5mm, dense carpet pile, Velvet-like effect.

3. Saxony carpet

Pile length in 15mm, yarn twisting and heat-setting process, pile produce effects similar to the fiber, and plump texture.

4. Hard twist rug

Bend yarn carpets. Larger twist twist of cashmere yarn, carpet surface produces hard and strong elastic to the touch. Pile direction uncertain, carpet a special mood and personality.

5. Long pile rugs

Pile length of more than 25 m m, appeared both thick and long, the surface thick, elegant effect.

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