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Purchase method
Feb 15, 2017

1, view the carpet quality test report

Carpet production and processing, carpet back coating adhesives in the manufacturing process, such as, the use of latex and all kinds of ingredients are inevitably left some harmful substances in a product, such as formaldehyde, styrene, and 4-phenyl-cyclohexene, was laid when using interior space will bring a certain degree of pollution, for children's room, you may have large impact on children's health. So when purchasing children's room rugs, see quality report, whether to meet national standards.

2, carefully checked the carpet product labels

The carpet labelling is mandatory in light industry standard. Carpet products sold on the market must be in accordance with the standard requirements of the carpet labels, true label: product name, registered trademark name and content, carpet, carpet carpet fiber pile thickness, the quality level of the product, the manufacturing date of the product, producer name and address special performance requirements, product information, and much more. Through viewing the labels, know about the general quality of the carpet.

3, identification of material

To prevent the carpet material fraud, especially when selecting a wool carpet, make sure you identify carpet material. General method is removed from the carpet a few wool, lighting according to the odour of combustion conditions and differential. Wool combustion without flame, smoke, foaming, smelly, ashes are shiny black solid with a finger on the broken.

4, check the carpet appearance quality

Consumers in selecting carpet, to see if the carpet surface is smooth, margin is straight, have no defects, oil spots, color. Especially when purchasing tufted carpet to see if the carpet back off line, permeability plastic phenomena, avoid laying the carpet used in drum, inequalities, without comfort, beautiful effect.

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