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Principles of selection of carpets
Feb 15, 2017


(1) selection and fitting the carpet standard, unified principles

Any project whether it's new construction, old engineering renovation or renovation is planned, there are standard. Is according to five star standard decoration or Samsung standard is Western or Chinese style schools of classical and contemporary genres, this is what you type, grade, color, patterned carpet of datum points and only adhere to the renovated standard with uniformity in the selection of carpet, to make your project perfect, achieve the purpose of icing on.

Region selection

(2) the principle of regional selection of carpets

A full hotel project is made up of several different areas, rooms, corridors, Elevator halls, restaurant, conference rooms, reception rooms, there are Office areas, recreation areas, etc. Due to the different features of these regions, resulting in unequal flow of passengers, traffic. Is static, is cold is warm, to accommodate regional specificities, the regional selection of carpet must be with the chorus, which is adaptation.

External environment

(3) the carpet selection and external principles of adaptation to the environment

What your hotel, your hotel in the external environment, the carpet you have a lot of restrictions. Annual average rainfall, temperature, outdoor temperature, humidity, air quality, health, greening and other factors are taken into account, do not take these factors into account, carpets used in the process will bring a lot of trouble. Such as Harbin nearly six months of winter, the city is clean, but the ice on the foot, snow entered the hotel that is dissolved, corridors, rooms carpet caused a lot of pollution. Is a large coal-producing province of Shanxi, small, or even invisible to the naked eye, dust with the entrants into the hotel along with the shoes, carpet cleaning difficult. Therefore, the external environment but it should also take into account the carpet category of unity with the environment.

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