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Main knitting method
Feb 15, 2017

Hand-woven rugs

Method of hand-woven carpets are used since ancient times, Persian carpets belong to this category. This carpet fine workmanship, beautiful patterns, and fullness of the carpet surface. Handmade carpets have a long history in China, which is characterized by long, straight, fine hair, with fine patterns. Carpets, elasticity, abrasion resistance and weather resistance are excellent, long service life, and the performance the better.

Machine woven rugs

Machine weaving carpets, high production efficiency, the appearance of texture, rather than hand-woven carpets, but with lower prices. Machine woven rugs are mainly two: Wilton woven carpets and akesimingte rugs. Wilton woven carpets is one of the earliest woven carpet, plush Jingwei staggered, durability, woven with fine, firm, thick; akesimingte carpets is improved weaving carpets in Britain, it is much richer than Wilton woven carpet color, weaving complex patterns, patterns.

Non-woven carpets

Non-woven carpets: as the name suggests is not need to weave the carpet, making simple, more suitable for mass production and low prices, universal-type carpet. Main non-woven carpets are tufted carpet needle, crochet rugs and carpet rugs. Non-woven carpets are wool sewing, crochet yarn, acupuncture and other methods rooted in the pre-woven base cloth, and plush with rubber fixation is made.

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