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How to choose the right carpet
Mar 08, 2018

How to choose the right rug

   The earliest rug dates back to the Siberian dynasty of 2500 years ago. Westerners really carpet "stunning", then have to benefit from Marco Polo's Oriental adventure, he brought back the carpet with exquisite patterns, rich colors, exudes a charming eastern flavor, from the carpet to become An essential element of Western-style life.


   Different from the floor because of the cold and the sense of refusal, the carpet with soft colors and strong texture, gives the feeling of a quiet, comfortable and quality life. Covering the entire bedroom with delicate, soft, light-colored wool rugs, the carpet and walls blend together to make the space seem larger, and the soft, comfortable bedrooms all relax and relieve the hard work and stress of the day.

   However, choosing a suitable carpet can be a breeze. First of all, to consider the different functions of the room; Second, to tie in with the home's decoration style. In addition, the color and pattern of the carpet will make you dazzled. The company is located in:

● According to the different functions of each room:

  At the entrance: Generally, small-size double-colored jacquard carpets or floor mats are laid, making it easy for people to enter the door and have a cleansing effect. It is suitable for chemical carpets and other carpets that are convenient for cleaning and maintenance. The company is located in:

  Living room: If the living room is large, you can choose thick, hard-to-wear brushed plain rugs. Smaller area is best laid under the sofa, resulting in the overall uniform effect. If the living area is not large, should choose a slightly larger area than the coffee table carpet. You can also choose a round blanket.

  Bedroom: Bedroom environment should be warm and comfortable, so the texture of the carpet is very important. Wool carpets and silk carpets are the first choice for those who care about the quality of life and taste. If you feel that the blankets are a bit extravagant, then lay a rug in front of the bed. The bed is large or there is no bedside table. The front blanket should be placed on the side of the bed or on both sides of the bed. The company is located in:

  Kids Room: Children's Room You can choose jacquard carpet with cartoon characters. Texture may wish to choose both easy to clean and non-slip nylon carpet. It will become a playground for children, allowing them to sit on the floor and play freely.

  Bathroom: suitable for small size monochrome striped rugs and mats, there are also non-slip carpet designed for the bathroom on the market, with the overall bathroom package. The company is located in:

  ● Home carpet color and pattern selection:

  Select the carpet background should be coordinated with the decorative colors. All colors are associated so that the room as a whole is harmonious. If you have decided on the color of the rest of the room, then the color of the carpet should be similar to their color. If you are using a wallpaper pattern, sofa or a picture, you can choose a color as the color of the carpet.

  Carpet patterns varied, the choice should be coordinated with the decorative style. The company is located in:

  General European-style decoration can choose the court "art-style", "flower-style" and other patterns of carpets, these carpet patterns are complex, colorful patterns, full of exotic style, and luxury and elegant retro furniture echoes; Chinese style such as mahogany furniture Decorations should choose "Beijing", "Beijing Cai" pattern carpet; Such carpets depicting flowers and birds landscapes, such as Chinese Shouxiu Fu Su pattern; and modern, stylish style of decoration can choose simple, clean or abstract pattern Carpets, some with natural colors into them, elegant apple green, fresh beige, reflecting the simplicity and simplicity. Some are neat and clean lines, which bring out a serene and serene atmosphere. Some are shades of color, dark and generous, light-colored young, comfortable and elegant. The company is located in:

  Carpets have good sound-absorbing ability, which can reduce various noises, and some people will use this characteristic to create a carpet that meets the requirements of noise. Flame-retardant monochrome jacquard carpets, the heat conductivity of wool fibers is very low, and heat is not easily lost. Can also regulate the indoor humidity, has a certain flame retardant properties. According to different manufacturing processes, carpets are divided into three types: hand-woven, woven and non-woven. Handmade carpet prices are more expensive, relatively cheap woven, non-woven carpet is a newer species, with noise suppression, easy to use and so on. 


The carpets on the ground and the swatches look different, so the best way to select a carpet is to try to pick the largest carpet sample on the ground and feel it.

General handmade wool carpet choice should pay attention to whether the outside tidy, blanket surface is smooth, smooth, flower-shaped is full, rules, no cut color (ie the same color, no color).

General wage-earners or newlywed families can choose a more economical pure plastic back carpet or woven carpet; and higher income families can step in place, select handmade wool carpets, silk carpets and other luxury carpets, the service life of plastic back Rugs several times.

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