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Classified by use
Feb 15, 2017

By usage, carpets are divided into commercial rugs and carpets two kinds of art.

1, Tiger-carpets [1] commercial carpet is a carpet from industrial carpet, is mainly used for building laying on the ground, such as guesthouses, hotels, offices, corridors, bedrooms, meeting rooms, meeting rooms and so on, can also be used on cruise ships, aircraft and other areas. Commercial carpet produced by woven or tufted.

2, art carpet is to appreciate and decorative carpet for the purpose of, mainly hanging on the walls of the room, also known as Tapestry, handmade. After artists of fine art carpet design and production of crafted, with ordinary commercial carpet has no appreciation of art and thought, and have high art value and collection value.

And artistic classification similar to carpet and silk rugs and carpets of fine arts, but the latter two categories of commercial carpet and sometimes coincide, not as the basis for classification.

Classified according to installation location

According to the used carpet, carpets and tapestries and tapestry wall into the ground.

1, floor carpet is the traditional, most carpet types, mainly used for various places of laying on the ground, mainly reflects its value, generally consists mainly of colorful patterns, used mainly in low-end products.

2, wall tapestry is mainly used for wall decoration and ornament, usually a traditional painting landscapes and portraits as a theme in the works, mainly hand-woven, has high ornamental value, due to the high cost, and usually only rich families and high end places.

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