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Carpet materials
Feb 15, 2017

What fiber yarn, accustomed to what's on the carpet, such as raw wool carpet wool cashmere yarn; blended yarn carpets are wool as raw material components, so called wool carpet; based on nylon nylon carpet.

Common carpet yarn fiber raw materials are divided into natural fiber, chemical fiber and blended three. Natural fibers, such as wool, silk, cotton and jute; CF b, chemical fiber viscose staple fiber, nylon filament and staple fiber, acrylic staple fibre, pp b CF filament and staple fiber and polyester staple fiber; blended with wool/nylon, wool/viscose, wool, wool/polyester/acrylic/jute and wool.

1. Wool carpet

Wool carpet wool as raw material to produce. Fine wool, it has a natural elasticity, compression can be quickly restored after using natural fibers, no static electricity, not easy to absorb dust, also has a natural fire retardant. Pure wool rug beautifully elegant color, anti-aging, faded, with sound-absorbing, warm, foot comfort and so on.

According to the yarn woven wool carpet wool can be divided into:

A. pure wool carpet: wool content ≥ 95%;

B. wool carpet: wool content ≤ 80% < 95%;

C. wool carpet: wool content ≤ 20% < 80%;

D. blend carpet: wool < 20%.

2. The chemical fiber rug

Man-made fibres (synthetic fibre) carpets made of nylon fibers (polyamide), polypropylene (pp), polyacrylonitrile fibres (acrylic), polyester (pet), and silk, PTT chemical fiber as raw material to produce. It is characterized by strong resistance to abrasion, while overcoming the disadvantages of pure wool carpet easy to corrosion, mildew, and flame retardant, antistatic properties relative to less.

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