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Carpet classification
Feb 15, 2017

Effect of noise

Structure of the carpet to close breathe, absorb and isolate sound, good sound insulation.

Improved air quality

Carpet fluff can capture, absorption of dust particles floating in the air, improve indoor air quality.

Rug safety

Carpet is a flexible PU material, unlike marbles. hard surface paving materials such as ceramic tile, easily slipping bumps, there are children, the elderly and other recommended floor rugs or wall-to-wall carpet.

Artistic landscaping effect

Carpet pattern that has the rich, brilliant colors, a variety of shapes, can beautify your decorative environment and reflect your personality.


Carpet has no radiation, no dissemination of gases like formaldehyde and other harmful to health, meet environmental requirements.

Improved foot feeling

Foot comfort of carpet, wood flooring, marble, tile and other flooring is cold and humid environment without room feel uncomfortable, carpet can solve such a problem.

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