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By using functions
Feb 15, 2017

A) commercial carpet

Broad sense refers to the family with all the carpet and away from industrial carpet. Commercial carpet in domestic also only limited to hotel, and hotel, and Office, and Office, and restaurant, places, and in American and the Western developed, commercial carpet except above using places outside, has in airport terminal floor, and Terminal catamaran Hall, and station waiting room, and supermarket, and hospital, and school, and nursing home, and nursery, and theaters, places was general using, and with economic development and social progress, surface with carpet of using range will gradually increased, coverage will more wide.

B) household carpet

By definition is household carpet. Home rugs in China still stopped at the bar on the carpet, because Chinese families of the decoration are still a large number of mainly wood flooring and Western developed countries, domestic carpet is wall-to-wall and rugs combined, China's great potential for household carpet

C) industrial carpet

Industrial carpet from home and abroad, still limited to cars, aircraft, passenger ships, trains and other decorative purposes.

3. According to different raw material classification

Wool carpets-wool as raw material to produce.

Carpet-(synthetic) made of nylon fibers (polyamide), polypropylene (pp), polyacrylonitrile fibres (acrylic), polyester (pet), and silk, silk, PTT chemical fiber as raw material to produce.

Plastic carpet-polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizers and other supporting materials as raw materials to produce.


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