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According to product form
Feb 15, 2017

1. Broadloom

This carpet is generally 3. 66 ~4 m, full Pu that refers to laying in indoor two wall Zhijian of all ground Shang, laying places of room wide over blanket wide Shi, can according to indoor area of conditions for crop mosaic of method to reached full Pu requirements, carpet of end of surface can directly and ground with rubber bonding, also can stretched tight blanket surface makes carpet and ground Zhijian very less slip, and with nail positioning Yu four week of wall of method. Wall-to-wall carpets are generally used for bedroom, room, meeting rooms, offices, halls, rooms, corridors, and other occasions.

2. Blanket

Rug rectangular shape in blocks, units of measurement, most rugs are woven carpets, fine workmanship, complex colorful flower pattern, high grade art appreciation value. Blanket width is generally not more than 4 m, and the ratio of length to width is appropriate. Blanket is spread on the ground, but the ground is not glued, can, ready to roll out or roll up for storage. Blanket in addition to laying out can hang as tapestries on the wall, also in front of the foot carpet, lift carpet, art pads, and so on.

3. Tile carpet

Tile carpet, also known as carpet tiles, its size is generally 500 m mx500 m m, 450 m mx450 m m or a rectangle. Its carpet tufting class, back and middle lining more meticulous. Finished products have a certain stiffness, can bond with the ground when laying or direct flooring. Structural stability of tile carpet, nice, carpet can be printed or pressed into patterns. With the terrain during handling, storage and Assembly, to block replacement installation is very convenient. Especially in high buildings, ships, airports, computer room and office space are very desirable, within the domestic market was very active in recent years.

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